Where Azusa Street Revival Started

The heavenly fire fell on April 9, 1906, when Seymour and a small group gathered and received the answer to their prayers. That heavenly fire burned brighter and brighter and drew crowds from around the world in hopes that they too would experience the “new Pentecost” God was pouring out on His people. The small home on Bonnie Brae proved inadequate to host the meetings, so the revival moved to a simple building located on Azusa Street in Los Angeles that gave the revival its name.

In the early days of the revival, reports say local residents saw the house engulfed in flames, reporting the blaze to the local fire department. Many who cherish revival history are familiar with the tale. Sister Sol (curator of the house) was emphatic in saying, “The fire hasn’t died out!” and goes on to say that in 2002, it happened again. A team from Argentina made the trek to Los Angeles and obtained permission to hold a prayer vigil through the night. Once again, flames were visible on the home, and fire trucks pulled up in haste to put out the fire. However, the only flames on the home however were the same as those that appeared on the disciples in Acts 2! When the firemen made their way into the home, they found no fire. Instead, they found an entire group of believers on their faces laboring in prayer under the glory of God.

If you manage to schedule a time for a personal tour of 219 North Bonnie Brae Street, Sister Sol will be happy to show you the original piano that was used for the prayer meetings. She will lead you through the small rooms and point out where people tarried in prayer. She will highlight which lamp was original and even let you see Kathryn Kuhlman’s original pulpit, which the house obtained at one point in its history.
(An excerpt from Charisma News Magazine, April 2021)


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